Rubicon Theatre Company
1006 E. Main Street, Ste. 300
Ventura, CA  93001
(805) 667-2900
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   Rubicon Theatre Company’s goal is to present innovative professional productions of plays and musicals that provoke thought, educate, enlighten & entertain. We explore and take risks. We invite you to "cross the Rubicon" with us.
    In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar crossed a river which separated him from Rome. Once he made the decision – once he committed, he had no thought of turning back. As he entered the shallow waters, he is said to have declared “the die is cast.” “Crossing the Rubicon” has since come to mean making a bold decision and taking action. It means moving forward with tenacity, taking risks and not worrying (too much) about the consequences.
    Taking risks is our obligation as artists; yet it’s contrary to what we’re taught in life. Somewhere along the way, we must decide to use the gifts we’ve been given. We learn that commitment and tenacity may not lead to perfection, but they can create an atmosphere where risk is permitted. And risk can lead to revelation.
    Rubicon Theatre Company (RTC) is a non-profit organization based in downtown Ventura’s Downtown Cultural District. It was founded in November of 1998 by Karyl Lynn Burns and James O’Neil, trained theater professionals with more than 30 years combined experience in arts management. They serve as co-artistic directors. RTC is governed by a 12 member Board of Directors made up of prominent citizens who are social and civic leaders in Ventura County and members of the larger theatrical community.

Entertainment Category:
    Concerts, Shows & Performances
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Auditions & Try outs?:
    Yes, depending on the event.

Business Categories:
    Performing Arts,    Theatre Companies,

Business Hours:
    10 am - 5 pm

Admission Pricing:
   $29 to $57

Payment Accepted:
    Cash,   Check,   Discover,   MasterCard,   Visa,  

    During normal business hours

Location Type:
    Theatre Companies

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Legal Entity:
    Non Profit - 501(c)(3)

    Indoor Location

Handicapped Accessible?
    Some restrictions

    NOT Permitted

Cell Phones?
    Some restrictions

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    NOT Permitted

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    Available for Sale

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    Available for Sale

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