Cero International
75 West Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Thousand Oaks, CA  91320
(805) 938-1679
Year Founded:

   CERO International is an exciting new branch of CERO, Close Encounters Resource Organization. Founded in 1991 by Yvonne Smith, the original CERO was designed to be a resource and safe-haven for those who have experienced alien abductions.
    CERO International strives to branch out from providing resources and help in the local Southern California community, to expanding nationally and internationally. We hope to conduct in-depth investigations of not only local sightings to the Ventura, Santa Barbara, LA and Orange County areas, but additionally be a resource for those in need of help, and bring cutting-edge UFO news and presentations all over the globe.
    This branch of CERO will hold meetings for the purpose of educating the "GENERAL PUBLIC" about the reality of the UFO phenomenon and will host world renowned top-notch researchers and experiencers.

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    Faith - Community,    Family Counselors,

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