Bell Arts Factory
432 N. Ventura Avenue
Ventura, CA  93001
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Year Founded:

   Bell Arts Factory provides the Ventura community with a place to gather for arts and education, and offers exciting multicultural experiences for everyone.
    Artists, poets, crafters, dance and arts instructors, as well as City and community groups, are all making creative and active use of the 2,000 square foot Janet Addison Community Room for programs, meetings, performances and exhibitions.
    There are 27 Artist Studios at our facility that are open to the public on First Fridays of each month. Artists can be seen working or displaying their art on days when there are special events taking place in the Community Room and other locations on our premises
    Bell Arts Factory was created in October 2004 with the decision to transform an historic 20,000 square foot mattress factory on Ventura Avenue into a vibrant, mixed-use community arts center. When we opened officially in April 2006, over 20 artists were at work in their studios, and we began engaging 70 children per week, ages 6 to 12, in the multicultural Bell Arts Factory After-School and Saturday Youth Arts Program.

Art Categories:
    Abstract,  Animals,  Art Deco,  California Landscape,  Cityscape,  Cubism,  Erotica,  Figurative,  Floral,  Folk,  Graffiti,  Impressionism,  Landscape,  Murals,  Nudes,  Other,  Plein Air,  Portrait,  Realism,  Seascape,  Sports,  Still Life,  Surrealism,  Western,  Wildlife,  
Art Mediums:
    Acrylic,  Ceramics,  Craft,  Digital,  Drawing,  Etching,  Fabric,  Glass,  Gouache,  Illustration,  Jewelry,  Lithograph,  Metal,  Mixed Media,  Mosaic,  Oil,  Other,  Pastel,  Pen & Ink,  Photography-B&W,  Photography-Color,  Print,  Serigraph,  Stone,  Watercolor,  Wood,  
Art Movements:
    Abstract Expressionism,   Action Art,   Aesthetics,   Ancient & Classical Art,   Art Deco,   Art Nouveau,   Arts & Crafts Movement,   Ashcan School,   Barbizon School,   Baroque,   Bauhaus,   Black Mountain College,   Bloomsbury Group,   Classicism,   Colour Field,   Conceptual Art,   Constructivism,   Cubism,   Dada,   De Stijl,   Der Blaue Reiter,   Eight, The,   Expressionism,   Fauvism,   Flemish School,   Fluxus,   Folk Art,   Futurism,   Gothic,   Graffiti Art,   Group of Seven,   Harlem Renaissance,   Hudson River School,   Impressionism,   Indian River School,   Mannerism,   Massurrealism,   Medieval,   Minimalism,   Modernism,   Nabis,   Na´ve Art,   Neo-Classical,   Neo-Expressionism,   Op-Art,   Photorealism,   Pointilism,   Pop-Art,   Post-Impressionism,   Post-Modernism,   Pre-Raphaelites,   Realism,   Renaissance,   Rococo,   Romanticism,   Situationism,   Suprematism,   Surrealism,   Symbolism,  Other,  
Artists (Living):
    Juan Solis
Artists (Deceased):
    Beatrice Woods, Freda Kahlo

Business Categories:
    Art Centers,    Art Gallery,    Art Materials & Supplies,    Art Schools,    Art Schools,    Artists & Sculptors,    Arts & Cultural Associations,    Arts - General,    Community,    Dancing,    Dancing Instruction,    Instruction - Misc.,    Venues - Misc.,    Youth Organizations & Centers,

Business Hours:
    9 am to 5 pm

    During normal business hours

Location Type:

Languages Spoken:
    English,   Spanish,  

Legal Entity:
    Non Profit - 501(c)(3)

    Indoor/Outdoor Location

Parking On-Site?
    Yes   --   Parking lot and abundant street parking.

Handicapped Accessible?

    NOT Permitted

Cell Phones?

Cameras/Recording Equip.?

Pets Allowed?

Guided Tours?
    By Appointment Only

Gift Certificates?
    Available for Sale

Classes Offered?
    Yes.       |       Chamber Strategies       |       The Chamber & Business Network

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