R.J. The Sound Guy
PO Box 896
Buellton, CA  93427
(805) 450-3437
Nice, Quiet room for rent with paid utilities
Posted: 3/7/13
Ranch house off of santa rosa road with 2100 acres of farmland to wake up to and enjoy when your off work in the evening. Furnished 180sq ft room with vaulted ceilings and a 90 sq ft walk in closet. The house is a three bedroom 2 bath 2000 sq ft home with vaulted ceilings and two room fireplace. You have your own bathroom (with a bathtub), kitchen privileges, laundry, Dish, internet, power, trash, and house phone are included free. No pets. We have a small (voice-less) kitty cat,. no drugs\smoking. We are looking for a quiet person that works or goes to school during the day and doesn't mind if we aren't very talkative back. We are a simple Christian couple with a lot of things on our minds. The house address is in Lompoc, however the property is on the dividing line of Buellton. The views are breathtaking!!! Ask for R.J. or Valliere
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