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Save the Date! -- The Condor's Shadow: A Feature Length Documentary Film on the Recovery of the California
Posted: 2/26/13
This dramatic and moving year-in-the-life documentary follows passionate field biologist Joseph Brandt into the world of endangered species recovery. His mission: to enable the iconic California condor to fly free once again.
It’s a mission tasked to biologists but fundamentally wrapped up in public policy – revealing the true challenge of environmental sustainability – that place where human preferences clash with the goal of renewal.
Join filmmaker Jeff McLoughlin, and featured cast Joseph Brandt, Wildlife Biologist and Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History’s Jan Hamber, California Condor Archivist, for a special question & answer session after the screening. Proceeds from admissions will benefit Los Padres ForestWatch and the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Co-Sponsored by Los Padres ForestWatch
Venue: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.
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