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Paul Musgrove honored by the Montecito Association
Posted: 11/8/12 On Saturday, November 3rd, Montecito Community Foundation and Paul Musgrove were honored for their dedication in keeping Montecito's iconic street signs maintained and looking spiffy. Musgrove, a.k.a "Montecito's Sign Man," has restored or replaced 170 of the 210 street signs in Montecito.
"I like to think that I take the lowest form of signage and make it art," jokes Musgrove who has been a professional sign maker, muralist, artist, creator, painter -- you name it -- for 35 years.
In times of tight budgets, Paul's process has been important and impressive. He has been replacing the old wooden signs with new ones that contain an iron core. This combats a few problems, namely Mother Nature, termites, and souvenir-collectors ... a.k.a. thieves!
In addition, the signs have reflective lettering making them a high quality, well-designed product that will last for a very long time ... hence the award.
It's that kind of creativity and forward thinking that makes him a sought-after sign maker on the Central Coast. The more creative the project, the better he likes it.
Congratulations, Paul!
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