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Santa Barbara Bowl Dedicates The Scranton Overlook
Posted: 10/29/12 On October 25, 2012, the newly completed Overlook at the Santa Barbara Bowl was dedicated as The Scranton Overlook, a gift of an anonymous major donor in honor of founding and retired Executive Director Sam Scranton for his vision and leadership that transformed the Bowl into a state-of-the-art facility and community treasure. At the same event, the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation Board of Directors announced an increased commitment to endowment fundraising for Facility Maintenance and Education Outreach and celebrate the completion of the $38 million capital phase of the American Classic Capital and Endowment Campaign.
Scranton, who served as General Manager, a Founding Board Member and Executive Director throughout his 30-year run, is largely credited for his tenacity and commitment to transform the historic amphitheater from disrepair to a world-class venue. During his tenure, Scranton oversaw the creation of the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation; led the Foundation as it took over control of the venue in 1994; formed the production/booking partnership with Nederlander to bring in first-tier talent; and assisted with the development of the Facility Master Plan. That blueprint for the Bowl’s restoration and renovation defined the parameters of the multi-phased, multi-million dollar capital campaign that has resulted in the Bowl becoming one of the most desirable outdoor venues in the world to perform for world-class artists.
“For decades, Sam’s name was synonymous with the Bowl. The combination of his sense of humor and no-nonsense demeanor, essentials in this very tough business, put the Foundation on a very solid trajectory,” said Board President Paul Dore. “Some of us literally grew up with him, especially Rick Boller, his long-time protégé and successor. It is wonderfully appropriate that Sam be permanently recognized in this visible and substantive fashion. We are all grateful to the anonymous donor who made this possible.”

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