Rotary Club of Fillmore Sun Risers
1305 W Ventura St.
Fillmore, CA  93015
(805) 744-2967
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Fillmore and Santa Paula are very close and offer unique activities! See the Video
Posted: 7/2/11
Fillmore and Santa Paula may be just a few miles away, but they're two towns that can make you feel like you've traveled to another time. ----- Hop on board the Fillmore & Western Railway, a vintage train that rocks and rolls its way to Santa Paula and back to Fillmore every weekend. ----- "It's unique in that we have a variety of different equipment that range from the 1800s up to the present day," said railway owner Dave Wilkinson. Excerpts taken from web link ABCLocal, Text from Ric Romero, KABC correspondent.
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