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Save the Date! Winter Camps at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and Sea Center
Posted: 11/9/17
5-Day Camp Options from December 18-22, 2017 Storybook Science, Ages 46 Discover the science behind some fairy tale favorites. Build a "huff and puff" proof house. Plant a bean seed to see how fast it grows. Do seeds grow better in different types of dirt? Learn about trees and the plant cycle. Investigate the science behind weather and climate. Build a mini weather station. Take a look at the stars and learn how cultures have stories about them. Joy of Toys, Ages 69 Create, experiment, and play! Create a variety of toys and explore the science behind them. Experiment with tops. Try your hand at some of the games from the past. Experiment with bubble solution recipes to create the perfect bubble. See how science makes toys that can work as machines; play with light and electricity. Make some toys and games to take home. Marine Mammals, Ages 69 (Sea Center) Explore the wonders of some marvelous marine mammals. Take a close look at what it takes to be a whale, a sea otter, a seal, a sea lion, and a dolphin. Play games to learn about their special abilities. Create, build and make models of mammals to take home. Mammals, Ages 912 Learn about local mammals and discover what it takes to survive. Conduct in-depth studies of bears, sea otters, and squirrels. Discover what it takes for the Channel Island Fox to survive on the island.
4-day Camp Options from December 26-29, 2017 Toy Science, Ages 46 Try your hand at some of the games from the past. Create bubble concoctions on Bubble Day. See how science makes toys that can work as machines. Make a bouncy ball; experiment with tops; and put together some noisemakers for the New Year! Nature Ventures, Ages 69 Explore the world around you through the eyes of a naturalist. Learn about local habitats, natural resources, and naturalist's skills. Learn to catch an insect or a bug, find the perfect leaf. Learn how to be a nature scientist and draw what you see. Draw, cast and print an animal track or a leaf. Study a special forest critter and explore its habitat. Play nature games. Tide Pool Adventures, Ages 69 (Sea Center) Study the tide pool habitat and get to know some of its inhabitants. Learn how the Earth, Sun and Moon affect the ocean's tides. Explore tide pools along the beach and discover what animals live along the coast. Investigate how creatures survive in the constantly moving surf. Culinary Science, Ages 912 Learn about how your brain interacts with your taste buds. Explore the natural history of salt, cheese, and chocolate. Explore how salt tastes different depending on where in the world it is harvested. Learn how to make butter and cheese. Taste different types of chocolate and explore its melting properties and cocoa content. ... Presented by: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History ... Venue: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
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