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The Paradise Kings Release "Controlled Burn" on Saturday at Maverick Saloon
Posted: 7/6/17
Santa Barbara is not only a beautiful SoCal locale, it also boasts a vibrant live local music scene. With the release of their new album "Controlled Burn," Paradise Kings proudly assume their place among that town's premiere list of original music acts. Paradise Kings perform live at Maverick Saloon, 3687 Sagunto Rd., Saturday, July 8. Showtime: 8:00 pm. Free. Info: (805) 686-4785 or
The band consists of Henry Garrett on lead vocals; Jeff Gring on guitar; Bob Gross on the bass; and George Lambert on drums. Lambert briefly describes each of the eight tracks on Controlled Burn:
'69 Chevy: "Good-time, swingin' trip back to the times of fast cars and faster women..." I'd Sing The Blues If I Had 'Em: "Straightforward blues shuffle about the juxtaposition of a lucky guy who loves blues music." Three Strikes: "Funky blues tune about a guy whose luck has run out and is facing serious time for his crimes. One gets the feeling he really understands the severity of his actions." Slow Down: "Blues shuffle about an older guy trying to keep up with today's society (and a younger woman) all at the same time." Butter Me Up (vocals by Jan Ingram): "Classic, James Brown-influenced funk tune about a woman who's not being treated well by her man. Imagine that..." Patience: "A 6/8, slow blues tune about a guy who loves his girl and wants to get at her quickly, but she has different ideas about just how long things should take." Poor Me, Poor Me, Pour Me Another Drink: "Classic rock tune about a guy who drinks way too much and does nothing about it but complains." Money Ain't My Friend: "Live track recorded in Santa Barbara about a guy who's trying like hell to make it, but just can't make enough money to satisfy his lady. One gets the idea that he has hope that his luck's gonna change."
The CD Release Party for Controlled Burn takes place Sunday, July 30 from 2-5 pm at Uptown Lounge in Santa Barbara. Catch live radio interviews with Paradise Kings on KOCI 101.5 FM "Dr. Barry's Traveling Blues & Medicine Show" on Sunday, July 23 at 1:15 pm; and KX93.5 FM "Laguna Blues" show on Friday, July 28 at 6pm (both PST). Controlled Burn is also being played on the "Views of the Blues' show hosted by Steve Daniels on KCSB 91.9FM. ... Presented by: Doug Deutsch Publicity Services ... Venue: Mavderick Saloon
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