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Jayne Behman   Morro Bay, CA
Accomplished mixed media painter, sculptor, and i-Art digital Artist for over 45 years, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California in Los Angeles and studied Master painting classes at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. A conceptual artist, I break from media barriers and take risks in my subject matter. I am fortunate that my paintings are collected world-wide. They represent the abstraction in time and space, as well as in relationships. Painting is about the paint.

Computer technology has played a large part in my artistic process for over 25 years. So began my journey with portable and conceptual art. I am working towards art in the realm of virtual reality. The i-Pad and Computer screens with their multiple choice art Applications and the ability to be mobile (not tied down to a physical studio) has allowed me to create anywhere, any time.

Many of my original digital images have been reproduced onto canvas formats using archival inks. Art reproduction as decor items and for personal ware allows my Art to be experienced off the “walls”. My i-Art comes from a very happy place, forms are simple, and childlike. I use bold colors. Of course this simplicity does not mean easy. For those that understand the digital creative world, i-Art compositions are intricate layers of drawing and many hours of time.

Being an artist, I am responsible to my surroundings. All printed products are made in the USA. Artist’s statment: ” I am what I create and what is tangible is my legacy. My images are statements on life, death, and politics. Its the overall process and taking risks that educates and motivates me.”
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