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Rebecca Gomez   Los Olivos, CA
Rebecca Gomez is a second-generation Californian who has been drawing and painting since she was a young child. Extreme nearsightedness that went undiagnosed until she was about twelve may have influenced her way of seeing. When she first saw the world with corrected vision, it was an unwelcome change; she had grown to prefer supplying the details from imagination.

Rebecca had classes in fine art at Chouinard Art Institute while still a high school student, and later took classes at Moorpark College, CSUN, and UCLA. She has been influenced by the work of many modern and post-modern artists, whose diversity in ways of seeing and painting have been an inspiration to her.
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11/16/15 - Rebecca Gomez welcomes nature in her latest work
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In her latest work, Rebecca welcomes nature as a co-creator in a series of multiple-media works that continues her desire to explore the realm where ordinary reality meets infinite possibility. Some pieces of her work are often on view in monthly shows in the Guild Room at Gallery Los Olivos.
A solo show is being scheduled in 2016 at a local gallery; email her if you want to receive an announcement regarding that exhibit.
Studio visits may be arranged by appointment. Contact her via website or email at   (805) 688-7338  Email   Website

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