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Barbara Eberhart   Santa Barbara, CA
"I believe art should make us feel joyful and a sense of peace. With each painting and mural I hope to bestow a moment of beauty and serenity to my viewers and collectors".

Barbara Eberhart has been refining her flawless oil paint technique during her 35 year career as a professional artist, spanning from Honolulu to Santa Barbara. She is most known for her elegant florals, which celebrate the lushness of the natural world and express her love for life. For this reason she is often likened to Georgia O'Keefe, although Barbara's style has an increasingly more sophisticated appeal.

She has also created countless interior and exterior wall murals which thoroughly delight the viewer with their 'trompe l'oeil' appearance. Her latest work in Santa Barbara gives the answer to California's drought, with her "ultimate xeriscape garden" mural on Turnpike Road with foliage that stays fresh and colorful with no water at all. Barbara's love for painting large has turned many walls into any personal fantasy a homeowner may want, and truly makes an environment unforgettable.

After living in Hawaii many years, Barbara is thrilled to be part of the Santa Barbara community now. She has already had a solo exhibit at the Faulkner West, been a participant in the I Madonarri chalk festival at the Old Mission, has a 9-foot mural at lower State Street with the Youth Interactive program, was featured on the channel 17 Oliver Hamilton show, and has painted a design for SB Unity to be used as fundraiser t-shirts. In January she will begin teaching art at the Schott Center, passing on her love for art and creativity. Barbara feels that art is a gift, and has always loved to share it with others.
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