UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
UCSB Humanities & Social Sciences Building, Room 6046
Santa Barbara, CA  93106
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   TALK: From Queer to Cuir: Geopolitical Ostranenie from the Global South Sayak Valencia This talk will explore the politics of survival and the alliances of the trans/border/messtizx/sissy/lesbian/dressed/slut-fag/cripple. The word “cuir” visualizes and gives voice to this project: it represents a defamiliarization—or ostranenie—of the very term “queer,” which challenges automatic reading and registers through its unfamiliarity, a geopolitical inflection southward and from the peripheries. Countering colonial epistemology and Anglo-American historiography, cuir invokes a space of decolonialized enunciation, at once playful and critical. Sayak Valencia (Cultural Studies, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte) is the author of Capitalismo Gore.
   ARTIST TALK: The Weight of Prejudices Lia García In her talk, artist Lia García (La Novia Sirena) will show a video of her performance piece entitled “The Weight of Prejudices,” in which the artist, as a mermaid, transforms a public space into a place of metaphorical collective transition of gender. This project focuses on the topic of the voice as a political sound of the transgender identity, with potential for both political action and risk. García will discuss the topic of the transgender experience as a pedagogical and political space where “monstrosity” can be an act of love that constructs community. The talk will be in Spanish; English simultaneous interpretation will be available. Lia García is a feminist artist and transgender woman from Mexico City and is co-founder of the Network of Mexico Trans Youth. A reception will follow. Sponsored by the IHC’s Crossings + Boundaries series and the Idee Levitan IHC Endowment.
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   UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, McCune Conference Room, UCSB HSSB 6020, Santa Barbara, CA  93106

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