YASA Yoga & Wellness Center
22 W. Mission St.
Santa Barbara, CA  93101
(805) 845-4626
Yoga Soul Body Language Workshop
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   Soul Body Language Workshop 2-hour yoga workshop led by DanÚl Lombard What does your Soul have to say through your Body? Could your body, with its sensations and symptoms, have a deeper meaning and message? During this workshop, we will embark on a journey of self-exploration through asana, meditation, journaling, and discussion. Learn how to listen for, and hear, the whispers of your Soul by tapping into the movements and sensations of your body. Practice presence in the face of symptom and discomfort, shifting perspective to viewing symptom as sacred. Develop a new relationship with your body and your symptoms. PRICE: $35 Space is limited! To register please call (805) 845-4626 or go to our website: www.yasayoga.com
   Event Category & Type:   Exercise Event ( Health, Wellness & Fitness)

   YASA Yoga & Wellness Center, 22 W. Mission St. , Santa Barbara, CA  93101

   Ticket Pricing:  $35    www.yasayoga.com
   Phone:  (805) 845-4626
   Email:  info@yasayoga.com
   Internet:  Website

   This event is ..... Open to the Public

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