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Anthropology Straight Up - "Psychics, Mediums and Shamans"
Tony Morris and Kohanya Groff
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   "Anthropology Straight Up" is back with an evening of cocktails and presentations on “Psychics, Mediums and Shamans.” Anyone who loves science and social gatherings is invited to join us. Speakers this evening are Psychic-Medium Intuitive, Tony Morris and cultural anthropologist, Dr. Kohanya Groff. TIME: cocktail service begins at 5pm. Presentations 5:30-6:30. Questions, meet and greet to follow
   After a 27-year career in corporate communications, where Tony Morris held management posts with Fortune 500 firms like MCI Telecommunications, Coca-Cola and Brown-Forman, Morris had a major spiritual awakening and discovered he had special intuitive gifts. Since that awakening, he’s committed to help others achieve their own missions in life. In addition, he's in the process of publishing his first book, Little Red Wagon, which details his own spiritual journey. The second presenter, cultural anthropologist Dr. Kohanya Groff, will discuss the societal relevance of the supernatural. Kohanya received her Masters and Ph.D. in Anthropology at University of California, Riverside. Her research involved revitalization practices, polices and rights of contemporary Chumash American Indians. She is also the founder of BOAS Network. BOAS Network is a non-profit providing a free education, information and education forum for anthropology. The goal is to provide a direct link to connect and enter the world of anthropology in an exciting and accessible way through public outreach, social media and videos featured on their website  Anthropology Straight Up is designed to give speakers a place to showcase, promote and enlighten viewers into the world of anthropology.
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   Santa Barbara University Club , 1332 Santa Barbara Street , Santa Barbara, CA  93101

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   Phone:  (323) 445-2854
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