National CleanUp Day
From Sea to Shining Sea
Santa Barbara, CA  93001
(720) 985-8600
National CleanUp Day
National CleanUp Day is September 16, 2017
This event has expired

(Always Call to Verify Dates & Times)
   National CleanUp Day is September 16, 2017 -->> Let's Do It America!

1. Schedule an event. Choose your location and date*
2. Invite co-workers, friends, and family.
3. Talk about it on social media.
4. Post a flyer - see website.
5. Get tools...we sell Litter Getters or just use your own gear.
6. Hold the event. Be a good volunteer, have fun, be social, and safe. Letís Do It!
7. Tell the world what you did! We'd like to know too. #NationalCleanUpDay #SeaToShiningSea
8. Consider a donation to support National Clean Up Day 2018.

Everyone is doesn't matter where you are at. Kids LOVE this. Students too. Please take a moment to pickup at least one piece of litter on National CleanUp Day.

Thank you Santa Barbara County!

National CleanUp Day is the official United States representative for World CleanUp Day 2018. National CleanUp Day is hosted by Clean Trails, a national 501(c)3.

* Most public spaces/parks/trails/beaches do not require a permit if less than 50 people are attending from your group. Busy on September 16? Hold the event on in the days leading up to events and just afterwards.
Phone: 720.985.8600

   Event Category & Type:   Community Improvement ( Misc. Events (No Leisure/Rec./Sport))

   National CleanUp Day, From Sea to Shining Sea, Santa Barbara, CA  93101

   Admission:  FREE to All
   Phone:  (720) 985-8600
   Internet:  Website

   This event is ..... Open to the Public

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