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The Carbon Farming Solution With Eric Toensmeier
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   A Live Stream, Interactive Webinar Event on the SBCC Campus with participating students, faculty, & the public invited Including a panel of key community members Fe Bland Auditorium/BC Forum, Santa Barbara City College (West Campus) 800 Block of Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109 SBCC Campus Map:
   As the climate crisis heats up, agriculture is in the hot seat, not only as a contributor to climate change, but also as a potential solution. Eric Toensmeier has spent the last several years tracking both, and put much of what he learned in his seminal book, The Carbon Farming Solution. Join us on Sunday, April 30th for a unique live interactive webinar on the SBCC Campus, as Eric Toensmeier discusses the potential of Carbon Farming, one of the best and most doable solutions for the Climate crisis, with an audience of students, faculty and the general public. Carbon is a naturally occurring chemical compound vital to life, that provides soil its fertility and water holding capacity, but since the industrial revolution and the advent of modern farming practices, too much carbon has been released into the atmosphere causing climate disruption. According to Toensmeier, Carbon farming is a suite of practices that sequester excess atmospheric carbon while producing food and other necessary goods. While doing so they often provide increased yields and ecosystem benefits. The event will explore the global context, but also focus on practices suited to California, including annual cropping, tree intercropping, grazing, silvopasture, perennial crops, and rainwater harvesting. Collectively carbon farming practices are a critical component of climate change mitigation, an effort that requires a speedy transformation of virtually every sector of our civilization.
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