251 South Ventura Road
Port Hueneme, CA  93041
(805) 202-6637
Hands Across The Sand
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   How to Join Hands on May 20, 2017 STEP 1:Go to an event location near you at 11 AM, in your time zone, for one hour, rain or shine. STEP 2:Join hands for 15 minutes at 12:00 PM, in your time zone, forming lines in the sand, or on the land, against dirty fuels. Say yes to clean energy and renewables. STEP 3:Leave only your footprints. In addition, consider getting involved in a local organization that supports clean energy.
   Event Category & Type:   Special Event ( Government & Politics)

   Hueneme Beach Park, 550 N Ventura Road, Port Hueneme, CA  93041

   Admission:  FREE to All
   Phone:  (805) 202-6637
   Internet:  Website

   This event is ..... Open to the Public

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