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Shake Up Your Speaking: Get Real... Get Results
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   Are you an entrepreneur or professional with an important message that people need to hear? Do you feel that your voice could be used more effectively to speak out or speak up about something that will make a critical impact in your workplace, your community, your state or your country? Speak up... Speak out... Get your voice heard!

   Join Lisa Braithwaite, Public Speaking Coach and Trainer, March 20-22 for the 2 1/2-day public speaking workshop, Shake Up Your Speaking: Get Real... Get Results!

Pre-registration required:

Are you ready:

>> To get out of the rut of doing the same thing over and over but not getting results?

>> To challenge what you already know and understand about public speaking and shake up your routine?

>> To try some new, maybe risky, ideas in the service of creating a memorable and engaging experience for your audience?

>> To truly embrace and celebrate your own uniqueness and bring that to every speaking engagement?

>> To stop "just getting through" your speaking engagements and instead start taking pride in mastery and proficiency as a speaker?

>> To own the stage like the awesome speaker you're meant to be?

Just imagine what your life and business will be like when you're able to reach and connect with the people who need to hear your message.

Imagine what it'll be like when you rise above and stand out from all other speakers in your field.

Imagine what it'll be like when you're able to radiate confidence, fully express yourself onstage, and engage and persuade your audiences to take life-changing action.

If you're ready to stand out and show up on stage, register below -- and get ready to Shake Up Your Speaking!

Pre-registration required:
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   Hyatt Santa Barbara, 1111 E. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara, CA  93103

   Phone:  (805) 207-7647
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   This event is ..... Open to the Public

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