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Learn Methods How To Solve Any Personal Problem With Peat Method
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   P.E.A.T.methods transform lives and communities. YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO SOLVE ANY PROBLEM. “UNTIL YOU MAKE THE UNCONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS, IT WILL DIRECT YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL CALL IT FATE” C.G. Jung This is one day workshop or 3 day Certification program (plus 50 hours of practice) for a new transformation method for neutralizing the fundamental problems in life, on a unconscious level, with immediate breakthrough results are offered in a one, two and three day workshops. This is not a motivational, inspirational or otherwise “fluffy” seminar, but a hands-on learning process workshop where participants will: Primary Energy Activation and Transformation - P.E.A.T. is developed by Zivorad M. Slavinski, with a focus on a personality change on the unconscious level, designed for a fast neutralization of emotional "baggage", resolve traumas, past negative experiences, overcome fears, eliminate problems, break unproductive habits and create a desired characteristics of personality traits and much more. Imagine just how lighter a world would be, if every person would release the major emotional baggage that we carry with us everywhere we go, these loads of unsolved energy charge from problems that create the games of life we play in many different variations unconsciously and compulsively. Upon process completion we are set free from our main compulsions and we no longer play a hidden game. We have a freedom to…and a freedom from… The changes in lives become profound and substantial. There are no prerequisites to learn P.E.A.T. process. Methods are practical and usable, quick, predictable, easy to apply on yourself and others. Upon completion of two day P.E.A.T. course, participants are officially registered and certified P.E.A.T. practitioners with diploma, to process / treat themselves, family and friends and or clients. Once P.E.A.T. is globally accepted and in practice, it will transform today's world of psychology. There are two categories of participants: 1. processors that realize the professional potential opportunities upon P.E.A.T. certification and choose P.E.A.T. as a career, as it will offer more than monetary success, since they will be a tool of transformation and a conduit to others well being; and or 2. attendee that choose to save time and serious money on years of psychologist sessions and utilize workshop to neutralize their 11+ major issues of personal choice and experience immediate results in a shift in their perception and feelings. What's extraordinary and makes P.E.A.T. different: 1. Protocol is efficient and fast - neutralisation of bad memory from stress or trauma - can be accomplished in just one treatment. *(alcohol, drugs, food, sex or other major dependencies can take up to 7 treatments). It saves years and years of clinical therapy. 2. Methods are ideal for those who need confidentiality. PEAT is not a traditional process of clinical psychology, where we talk about or discuss problems. As Tesla stated: "every time you talk about something you feed it with new energy, so story/trauma/ stress grows, involves, and not only that old energy is still present, but, it gets even empowered, stronger and more installed in to our psyche.") Since the introduction of P.E.A.T. approximately 4000 people have freed themselves from the most fundamental, unconscious and compulsive problem of their life, most notably Tony Robbins's club members. Now is your time. Complimentary introductory presentation and workshops in Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills and Montenegro are conducted by: Tatjana Milana –certified P.E.A.T. trainer, founder of F.A.I.R. (Free Instant Authentic Release)Method, practitioner of: Transactional psychoanalyses, Quantum harmonization, Transcendental Meditation, Group analysis, Light formula, Order, Sound healing methods, Tesla methods, Reiki, Theta Healing, Domancic healing.. Our problems, negative emotions and reactions as well as not so optimal behavior are caused by what we call mental and emotional "charge". Charge is the contents of the unconscious, repressed thoughts and emotions that have been achieved during life, in different experiences, with a compulsive nature. Repressed thoughts and emotions are activated automatically and compulsively in different life situations and produce undesirable reactions, balances and behavior, in other words "problems". To effectively eliminate a problem, we must identify and neutralize all unconscious contents that are relevant to this problem. By integrating the charge, person achieves at least two benefits, practical (better quality of life) and spiritual. Friday: complimentary lecture; Saturday (10 am - 5 pm): you will solve 10+ major personal issues and you will learn 2 powerful methods you can apply at any time for any problem (price $1000/ on sale this month for $750) Sunday (11 am - 4 pm): you will solve one trauma and one problem that will resolve your main negative fundamental pattern forever / and you will learn 2 techniques you can apply at any time for any problem; (price $1500) Monday (5pm - 10 pm): you will solve one issue and will transform one character trade. You will also learn 2 methods you can apply at any time for any problem (price $1500/ on sale this month for $1000) register via email: peatmethod@gmail.com
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