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Dead Man Walking
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   Dead Man Walking is the autobiography of Sister Prejean a Roman Catholic nun in Louisiana who brings the love of God to a man on death row, as well as to the families whose children he murdered. The prisoner, Matt Pontele (Sean Penn] is the central figure of Sister Prejean’s care. Using a montage of images to balance our developing empathy for the convict with the brutality of the murders, the film does not become a simplistic political statement about the death penalty. In scenes in which we begin to feel sympathy for the scared and damaged man who is about to die, we then see flashbacks of the brutal inhumanity of his actions toward the young man and woman. But it is hard for Matt to receive anyone’s love. Hiding behind his walls and lies, it is Sister Prejean's simple love which enables him to confess the truth and come out of hiding to receive God’s love through her. Painfully real, the parents want nothing to do with a nun who would reach out and love the murderer of their children. They too are like “dead men walking” as they continue to reel directionless from the grief and pain. (1995) 122 minutes R
   Event Category & Type:   Film / Movie ( Misc. Events (No Leisure/Rec./Sport))

   The Granada Theatre, 1214 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA  93101

   Ticket Pricing:  From $10.00 to $20.00
   Phone:  (805) 899-2222
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   This event is ..... Open to the Public, Indoor, Handicapped Accessible, NON Smoking, NO Cell Phones & Pagers, NO Cameras or Recording, NO Pets & Animals, All Welcome



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