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7/22 - A great day in the northern Channel ... ... A great day in the northern Channel with tons of humpback whales and long-beaked common dolphins. Captain Eric and his crew had a wonderful trip and there was never anything but a few minutes total in which dolphins were not all around the Condor Express. Over 2,500 dolphins and 4 humpback whales were watched closely, with more whales in the area.
Things got rolling a few miles out from Santa Barbara when the first batch of a few hundred dolphins were found chasing northern anchovies around. The bait fish were in little groups (not huge bait balls) and thus the dolphins kept busy moving around on the hunt.
West of the dolphins we started to find humpback whales. One was particularly friendly and did circles around the boa...
7/21 - Friday Night ... Free Summer Film Series (To Have and Have Not) ... Friday night under the stars: bring blankets or a low-backed beach chair (max 34 in.), a picnic and your friends! Loosely based on Ernest Hemingway's novel, To Have and Have Not takes us to Martinique during World War II, where charter boat captain Harry Morgan (Humphrey Bogart) maintains a policy of strict neutrality toward the war. But everything changes when he meets the young American cabaret singer Marie Browning (Lauren Bacall, in her screen debut) and a fugitive leader of the French Resistance who both need a way off the island. With the film’s legendary “You know how to whistle, don't you?” scene, its enduring popularity is in large part due to the chemistry between Bogart and Bacall, whose on-screen affair ...
7/21 - Save the Date! Connecting With Spirit Guides -- 7/30 ... Beyond the veil between worlds are spirit guides who are non-local in space and time. These guides have access to information unavailable to corporal, sentient beings. Learn how to cross the veil and connect with this profound, potentially life-saving reservoir of knowledge. Discover how the spirit world works and how to access your guides' messages  with an altar,  sacred space and a dream practice. These will help you on your hero/ine's journey to discover your destiny.
David Cumes, MD received his surgical training in Johannesburg and has taught at Stanford Medical Center. After extensive travel which included time with the Bushmen and shamans in Peru and South Africa, Dave was initiated as a sangoma or medicine man in S...
7/21 - Nature Photography Competition Opening Reception July 23, 3 to 5 p.m. ... Over 100 entries were received for the annual Nature Photography Competition at the Wildling. This year's theme ranges from puddles to ice to the ocean, all showcasing Where Land Meets Water. The exhibition runs from July 23 - October 17, 2016. The image shown above of "Foamy Flute" is by Steve Munch.
7/20 - ETC Announces Ownership of the New Vic ... Ensemble Theatre Company (ETC) is thrilled to announce the company has acquired full ownership of its state-of-the-art New Vic Theater in downtown Santa Barbara, a purchase made possible by a $950,000 grant from the former City of Santa Barbara Redevelopment Agency, and by the extraordinary vision and generosity of Kandy Luria-Budgor and Leatrice Luria.
“Purchase of a permanent home in the Downtown Performing Arts District is the culmination of 14 years of planning and work by ETC, and the final element of the City’s 35-year goal of creating a vibrant performing arts district,” said Derek A. Westen, former President of Ensemble Theatre Company, a Board member, and volunteer leader of the effort.
“We’re thrilled to reach this...
7/20 - July 20, 2016 – Santa Barbara ... California Whale Watching – you can never get enough! It was windy from the get-go today, but it was a nice warm wind and there was not much swell so the ride was a good one. The further we pushed offshore to the southwest, the stronger the winds were. But as luck would have it, we encountered a honey hole full of whales and dolphins and had an epic adventure. Totals for the day included 2,300+ common dolphins, 1 Minke whale (more in the area), 6 humpback whales (many more spouts in the zone), and several hundred California sea lions organized into a few nice mobs. The bird of the trip was the elegant tern and was found on each of the many hot spots we visited.
Speaking of hot spots, the first one was about 1 mile southeast of Santa...
7/20 - HOT GUITARS. COOL PLACE. ... Get the best seats at the best price when you subscribe to the newest 'Jazz at the Lobero' series, starring guitars ..... $315 (VIP) / $150 (Sec A) / $124 (Sec B). Besides savings, subscribers get to look forward to priority seating, and first access to newly added shows. Plus, subscribing is the only way to get your tickets to these great concerts today! FYI ... Single tickets will go on sale Thursday, July 28.
7/20 - Learn what CA Native Plants work best for your garden and how to maintain them throughout the year ... Learn about the cultivation and installation of the best of the native California flora from expert Garden horticulturist Bruce Reed. ... Presented by: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden ... Venue: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
7/20 - Brazilian and Flamenco Jazz lovers ... this is a must! ... Internationally acclaimed flutist and singer Rebecca Kleinmann presents a double set of gorgeous Brazilian and Flamenco Jazz. The Southern California August concerts feature award-winning Brazilian seven-string guitarist Fabiano do Nascimento sharing the bill with Rebecca’s stunning collaboration with virtuoso Spanish-born jazz pianist Alex Conde, versatile percussionist Marlon Aldana and first-call L.A. upright bassist, Edwin Livingston.
Rebecca Kleinmann has steeped her natural musicality in waters of Brazilian Music, Jazz and Flamenco. She simultaneously honors these rich traditions while emerging with her own unique and passionate voice. The agility, depth, playfulness and precision of her groups are a captivat...
7/18 - Wednesday ... it's the July Buellton Chamber Mixer at Mendenhall Museum ... Mark and Vickie Mendenhall have invited us to join them for our Mixer. The Mendenhall Museum not only serves as a private collection of Gasoline Pumps and Petrolina, but is also the home of the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame. You will be amazed at what lies behind the walls of this fabulous museum. We are bringing in RJ the Sound Guy to DJ the event, and we'll be serving up some wine, beer, and great food as you make your way through this unique, one of a kind, private collection.
The Mendenhall Museum is open for tours by appointment and is also available for special occasions. Do plan on joining us June 19th for a spectacular evening, under the stars and neon lights.
Remember, we are alwa...
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