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4/14 - Save the Date! Remove Your Roadblocks to Love and Dating -- 5/20 ...
Are you ready to fall in love?
Are you struggling with dating?
Are you confused with today's "Dating Rules"?
If you said yes to any of the above, join Professional Matchmaker/Dating Coach Lisa Amador and Women's Empowerment Coach Marilyn O'Malley, your Dating GPS (Guides to Personal Success) for this half day journey to love workshop.

In this workshop you will:
- Discover what is keeping you from finding your current love
- Quickly identify and breakthrough your roadblocks to get...
2/9 - Save the Date! When Diets Fail - Free Yourself from Emotional Eating -- 2/11 ... 70% of Americans are overweight and obese. Millions of dollars are spent on fad diets which produce short-lived results. By not addressing the emotional eating component, weight loss is temporary and leaves the dieter feeling more hopeless and frustrated than ever. Explore the triggers that lead to emotional eating and discover the tools and strategies for establishing a healthy relationship with food. Walk away understanding how to free yourself from this cycle and how to transform your mind (and body) along the way.
Schott Campus, Room 6. ... Present...
1/17 - Save the Date! Bhangra: A Dance of Joy and Celebration -- 1/23 ... Bhangra is one of the fastest growing dances in the US, with its moves seen in Bollywood, Zumba, and hip-hop dances. Bhangra's drummed rhythm is slow allowing for big movements so the dance is easy to learn. Hand, head, chest and leg postures reflect the emotions and celebrations driving them. Discover how to perform with a smiling/laughing face which immediately adds to your enjoyment. Start with a simple choreographed routine and by the end of the course, you will be able to perform on the stage. Learn a new dance and laugh yourself fit!
Schott Campus, Auditorium....
1/17 - Save the Date! Ole: Flamenco Dance -- 2/9 ... Experience the strumming of the guitar, wailing of the gypsy song, and action-packed rhythms created by moving across the dance floor. Ole! This is Flamenco Dance: pure, core-rocking emotion and fire. What are you waiting for? Build rhythm, grace, strength and confidence in a fun and supportive environment. Explore another culture, language and dance form all while improving your physical fitness and self- esteem. Please bring skirt and shoes to class.
Schott Campus, Auditorium. ... Presented by: SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning ... Venue: SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning
1/17 - Save the Date! Tai Chi Easy -- 1/30 ... Tai Chi Easy™ is a fusion of Qigong health enhancing exercises, and an easy 5 movement form of Tai Chi. This carefully developed method that makes it easy, beneficial and fun. Discover the flow of energy in your body as your mind relaxes with the slow meditative movements of Tai Chi. Explore how the mind-body practice soothes and rewires the nervous system and also increases cognitive and brain plasticity. Reduce your stress and improve your health using Tai Chi Easy™.
Wake Campus, Auditorium 33. ... Presented by: SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning ... Venue: SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning...
1/17 - Save the Date! Successful Sleep Solutions -- 1/21 ... Tired of waking up feeling even more tired than before you went to sleep? Discover supplements that promote healthy sleep, creative uses of medications, and explore how to use your mind to ensure a wholesome and complete sleep cycle. Uncover the causes of insomnia, how to heal them, how to relax, and how to access sources of healing during the sleep state. Come away with the tools needed to return your evening slumber into what it's meant to be - a time to renew energy, to heal, and to have sweet dreams.
Schott Campus, Auditorium. ... Presented by: SBCC Center for Lifelong Lear...
1/17 - Save the Date! Adventures in Aliveness -- 1/20 ... What practices powerfully promote well-being? How can we make them part of our daily life? We will begin each class session with mindfulness. Then we'll turn our attention to those activities that have been empirically demonstrated to strengthen mind, body, and spirit, and to paragons of life well lived. Further, we will explore the emerging synthesis of Eastern introspection and Western psychological science as it pertains to what is most beneficial for each and all of us. What we will realize is enhanced understanding, appreciation, and effectiveness in our lives - in other words, g...
12/1 - Save the Date! Practicing Mindfulness - Harmony, Health, Happiness -- 12/3 ... Learn a range of mindful meditation, movement, and contemplation techniques so you can discover and create a daily practice that best meets your needs - whether it is to strengthen your health and well-being, focus attention, reduce negative stress responses, or simply experience greater joy and contentment. Remembering how to live in this present moment strengthens our body, calms our mind, and helps us greet life’s challenges and surprises with greater courage and ease. Beginners and experienced meditators welcome.
Schott Campus, Auditorium. ... Prese...
10/20 - Save the Date! Free Health Care System 'B' - Food as Medicine and Self-Applied Massage -- 10/22 ... Certain foods and self-massage were Man's earliest methods of healing. Explore powerful, inexpensive and accessible methods for healing and maintaining your well-being including anti-inflammatory nutrition and self-massage based on Chinese microsystems and acupuncture points. Discover easy solutions to address the challenges of herbal tonics, GMO, gluten and dietary sensitivities. Empower yourself with ancient techniques such as easy-to-apply breath practice that will enable you to develop a whole new sense of health and well-being.
10/18 - Save the Date! ADHD Through the Lifespan -- 11/5 ... This class teaches students how to address complex issues about effectively recognizing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) throughout the lifespan. Students explore cutting-edge strategies to help them manage distractibility, disorganization, interrupting in conversations, restlessness, moodiness, and impulsive decisions. Students learn to identify if members of their family have ADHD and gain insightful tools to cope with hopelessness, chronic underachievement, low frustration tolerance, and poor self-esteem.
Schott Campus, Room 3. ... Presented by: SBCC Center for...
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