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6/2 - Great stuff! Don't Miss It! .... PLAYZAPALOOZA! 2016 ... A One Act Showcase -- THE WIGGLE ROOM Prior to the Challenger launch disaster, information is learned that may compromise safety. WHORES OF HOLLYWOOD A creative team assigned to write the new Wonder Women screenplay attempt to identify the Amazon Princess’s true character and motivation. HIJAB Why would the most popular girl in high school seek out one of the few Muslim students, one who wears a head scarf, and was the focus of a cruel internet joke? BLACK FRIDAY A mother and daughter plan their shopping excursion in a diner at four in the morning while being served by a waitress who is beyond tired. POPS Adult siblings must decide the fate of their father. IF YOU COULD GO BACK Say you have a t...
4/21 - Get your tickets for 4000 Miles at Santa Paula Theater Center ... Hailed by the New York Times as "a beautifully rendered portrait", 4000 MILES examines the relationship that develops over a month's time between 21 year old Leo and his 91 year old grandmother, Vera. After arriving at Vera's apartment in the East Village following a disastrous coast to coast bike ride, Leo and his grandmother find each other infuriating and bewildering-but ultimately, they discover the unexpected kinship of two outsiders finding their way in today's world. ... Presented by: Santa Paula Theater Center ... Venue: Santa Paula Theater Center
2/25 - Get ready ..... Medicine Hat at the Santa Paula Theater Center on March 26 ... Medicine Hat is an alternative country rock band with over 25 years of involvement with Ventura's seminal roots rock bands. With an emphasis on strong melodies and sweet harmonies, their fresh Americana sound is the perfect soundtrack for long drives on a lonely highway. Born out of the ashes of a previous band that included guitarist Robert Ramirez, and bassist Ralph Votrian. While singing songs on a camping trip they were joined on vocals by Michelle Votrian, thus creating the vocal style that would become the band's signature sound. Singing about lost love and runaway journeys, their unique sound blends harmonies and melodies with reverb drenched guitars. More information on Medicine Hat at their webs...
2/18 - Don't Miss Santa Paula Theatre's "The Other Place" ... The Other Place, one of the undisputed highlights of the 2013 Broadway season, floored audiences and critics alike and established Sharr White as one of the most talented emerging playwrights of recent years. Juliana Smithon is a successful neurologist whose life seems to be coming unhinged. Her husband has filed for divorce, her daughter has eloped with a much older man, and her own health is in jeopardy. but in this brilliantly crafted work, nothing is as it seems. Piece by piece, a mystery unfolds as fact blurs with fiction, past collides with present, and the elusive truth about Juliana boils to the surface.
The Other Place explores emotional territory in this haunting drama. "...a sense of disorientation ...
11/3 - The Clean House opens at Santa Paula Theater Center ... 11/13 ... The Clean House is a whimsical romantic comedy center on Brazilian housekeeper and aspiring comedian Matilde whose life becomes embroiled with sisters Lane and Virginia. Lane's husband, Charles, and his newly-found soulmate, Ana. Premiering in 2005 THE CLEAN HOUSE was described by Variety as a "wondrously mad and moving work" and by the New York Times as "visionary, tinged with fantasy, extravagant in feeling, maybe a little nuts." Awarded the Susan Blackburn Prize given annually to the best English language play written by a woman, THE CLEAN HOUSE was also a Pulitzer Prize finalist.
THE CLEAN HOUSE at Santa Paula Theater Center features a cast of five with Javiera Torres as Matilde, Laur...
8/27 - Nora opens at Santa Paula Theatre on September 11 ... NORA is celebrated director Ingmar Bergman's stripped down adaptation of A DOLL'S HOUSE, the groundbreaking modern drama by Henrik Ibsen. Having been ruled her whole life by her father and, then, her husband, Nora finally comes to question all she has believed in when her marriage is put to the test. This version focuses on the intricate bond between men and women and how much one person, man or woman, is prepared to sacrifice for love.
NORA features Jessica D. Stone as Nora, Noah Crowe as Torvald, Maranda Mobley as Christine Linde, Tyler McAuliffe as Nils Krogstad, and Anthony Stetson as Dr. Rank. Supporting the production are Director Laurie Walters, Producer Leslie Nichols, Set Designer Kenny Dahle, Lighting Designer ...
7/9 - Opens this weekend ... Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike ... Comic genius Christopher Durang creates a wildly funny farce about a self-absorbed movie star returning to her Pennsylvania farmhouse home -- with her 20-something boyfriend in tow -- to visit her brother and sister. Her arrival, and subsequent announcement, quickly turn the genial reunion into a hilarious free for all! Winner of the 2013 Tony Award, New York Drama Critic's Circle, Drama League and Drama Desk awards, all for best play of the season, this delightfully off-kilter romp is a laugh-out-loud comedy with a touch of the naughty!
Presented by ... Santa Paula Theater Center
Venue ... Santa Paula Theater Center
6/26 - Sunday, July 5 .... Kids can Make a Mini Greenhouse at the Agriculture Museum ... On Sunday, July 5, kids and grown-ups can plant a variety of fall crops in a mini greenhouse. Seeds will sprout on a window sill or in any sunny spot. A light misting every few days will keep them growing. When 2 – 3 leaves sprout, they will be ready to transplant into pots or right into your garden bed. Choose from crops such as cucumbers, beans, carrots, beets, winter squash, beneficial flowers, and more. While you’re here, visit our drought tolerant demonstration garden and garden beds. Admission is free all day, with greenhouse planting from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. All ages are welcome.
Also on July 5, booksigning with Fillmore author Evie Ybarra of her book “Legendary Locals of Fillmore,...
5/14 - "Contemporary Impressions" continues on display through May 31 at Ventura County’s ... Award-winning artist Kate Hoffman is familiar to many people in Ventura County for her paintings of horses and other animals, as well as for the fluid blue and green water of her seascapes.
She usually paints in oils on large surfaces, blending rich, earthy colors with outlined suggestions of shape and volume. Her images are simple and loose, and her surfaces are often rubbed to suggest the dimension of the canvas, paper and gesso underneath. This exhibition comprises 12 large works, mostly oil on canvas and many of which depict horses.
“My goal,” she says, “is to create an avenue directly into the emotion of the painting, whether it’s a horse, a giraffe or a tiny boat on a ...
5/14 - Tony-nominated comic drama "Good People" ... at Santa Paula Theater Center ... This Tony-nominated comic drama for Best Play illustrates social class distinctions in two Boston neighborhoods: working class Southie and upscale Chestnut Hill. Margie Walsh has just been let go from her job at the Dollar Store and is now one bingo game away from being evicted from her home. Perhaps old high school boyfriend Mikey, who has escaped his blue collar upbringing to become a successful doctor, could be her ticket out.
With surprising plot twists filled with humor, pathos and suspense, GOOD PEOPLE is one of the most popular plays being produced on American stages today.
Presented by ... Santa Paula Theater Center
Venue ... Santa Paula Theater Center
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